Working With Kyle Larson

Here at Kyle Larson Studio you can enjoy a streamlined process from beginning to end when we create an in-depth vision for your commercial photography project.

The success of creating great images for your company is achieved by the right combination of in-depth pre production phase as we work together to execute planning for the shoot, location, talent along with any other production needs that arise.

At Kyle Larson studio, we offer a full creative production service with an end to end still production packages for emerging brands and large businesses.




Reach out via email or phone for commercial photography.
We send you a Commercial Photography Scope to fill out.
We schedule a Phone/Video call to discuss project.
We send you a Project Proposal which includes quotation.
You review & approve project proposal.
You Pay 50% deposit to commence the project.


We send you a Photo Production Brief to complete and send back.
1st pre production meeting at our office or yours.
We develop 1st draft Photo Production Brief.
You provide feedback & direction.
We complete 2nd draft Photo Production Brief.
You approve final Photo Production Brief.
We develop a shooting schedule, finalize locations, confirm talent & secure any permits required.
We confirm shooting dates(s) & times and e-mail shooting schedules.



We turn up on location and use professional cameras & professional lighting to capture high quality still images.